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FST is a very fine amorphous silicon dioxide produced by Fushite with a diameter between 5 and 50 nanometers. Its surface structure and agglomerated structure after dispersions contributes to viscosity and thixotropy in liquid resins. It is widely used as a reinforcing filler for rubber and elastomeric materials, as well as for fluidization and prevention of caking in powder materials. It can be used in a wide range of other applications thanks to its high level of purity and ultrafine particles.
Product overview
Generic names: Fumed Silica
Product name: FST
Chemical formula: SiO2
Packing /shipping method: Flexible containers, paper bags
Unsaturated polyester resins
Silicone resins and urethane resins
Semiconductor field (CMP slurry)
Various types of paint
Various types of inks
Various types of adhesives
Inkjet paper
Shoe soles (clear rubber)
Water-absorbing resin

Fumed Silica Comparative Table
Packing & Delivery
10kg/Bag ; White kraft paper bag,
For 20 GP it can loading 2200kg products with 10 pallets, 22bags/pallet ;
For 40 GP it can loading 2400kg products with 20 pallets, 22bags /pallet ;
For 40 HQ it can loading 4800kg products with 20 pallets, 24bags/pallet

1.Is your company a manufacturer or a trade company?
A Manufacturer. We’ve been researching and manufacturing fumed silica for 30 years. We are the top manufacturer of fumed silica with well-developed and stable manufacturing process in China

2.What’s the main raw material?
Fumed silica is synthesized by the pyrohydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride in the flame of hydrogen and oxygen. Our main raw material is silicon tetrachloride.

3.What’s the main applications?
Fumed silica is mainly applied in the field of HTV, RTV, electronic liquid adhesives, adhesives, defoaming agent, ink and coatings, food and drugs, farm chemical, animal-feeding, paintings and so on.

4. What’s the related effects of fumed silica?
When fumed silica is used as filler or additives, it helps in thickening, reinforcement, transparency, free-flow, thixotropy, dielectric properties, anti-settling, heat insulation and anti-sagging.

5. Compared with other manufacturers, What’s the advantages you have?
Quality Stabilization: We got the certificate of manufacture in Zhejiang with the standard T/ZZB 1420-2019, which represents the highest quality standard in China.
Largest Manufacturer: Our annual output of hydrophilic product is 8,000 tons.
Leading Authority: We have already been the influential enterprise in silicon industry in China.

6. What are the grades you have?
Hydrophilic Grade: FST-150/FST-200/FST-380/FST-430

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