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FST Fumed Silica Provides Performance Enhancing Advantages
Fushite, a world-leading producer of fumed silica, offers a complete portfolio of hydrophobic and hydrophilic grades serving many industries and applications.
Supported by decades of experience and hands-on technical expertise, FST fumed silica imparts outstanding reinforcement, rheology control and acts as free-flow additive in powders.

FST Hydrophilic Fumed Silica is:
● Untreated and has a strong affinity for water
● Useful for thickening non-polar solvents such as xylene, styrene and mineral spirits
● Useful for reinforcing and thickening silicones

Fumed silica is widely used in:
• Adhesives – for rheology control
• Caulks and sealants – for rheology control and reinforcement
• Composites – for rheology control
• Elastomers – for reinforcement
• Food – for free flow and anti-caking
• Paint, coatings and inks – for rheology control and free flow in powder coatings
• Personal care – for free flow in powders, rheology control in pastes and liquids and reinforcement
• Pharmaceutical – for free flow and reinforcement in tablets

Packing & Delivery
10kg/Bag ; White kraft paper bag,
For 20 GP it can loading 2200kg products with 10 pallets, 22bags/pallet ;
For 40 GP it can loading 4400kg products with 20 pallets, 22bags /pallet ;
For 40 HQ it can loading 4800kg products with 20 pallets, 24bags/pallet

Fumed silica provides performance advantages in many wats:
● Reinforcement – improving strength in silicones and other polymers
● Rheology control
● Thickening – tailored flow properties
● Sag resistance – reduced sag of liquids and pastes
● Anti-settling – prevents sedimentation and settling
● Thixotropy – shear thinning viscosity profiles
● Free flow additive in powders

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