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FST fumed silica acts as rheology modifier for liquid pesticide formulations. Insoluble active ingredients in liquid pesticide formulations show settling effects and reduced efficiency. By stabilization of active ingredients in liquid formulation and adjustment of viscosity by forming a three dimensional network of fumed silica links.
* Reinforcing filler in elastomers
* Anti-settling, anti-sagging and thickening agent
* Rheology control and thixotropic agent
* Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders
* High tear resistance

FST-200 is hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area around 200㎡/g.
FST-200 is countertype to international brand A 200.
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Packing & Delivery
10kg/Bag ; White kraft paper bag,
For 20 GP it can loading 2200kg products with 10 pallets, 22bags/pallet ;
For 40 GP it can loading 4400kg products with 20 pallets, 22bags /pallet ;
For 40 HQ it can loading 4800kg products with 20 pallets, 24bags/pallet

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