FST Fumed Silica Silicone rubber Food Grade HTV Silicone

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The hardness range of this series is 15-80A, with heat resistant, transparent, good processability, easy demolding and good tear strength etc. Products are generally used to make protective sleeve as well as electronic parts, food contact applications, automotive parts, roller, household appliance parts and other products.

Why choose our fumed silicone rubber
We used our own fumed silica FST-430 as the filler to the silicone rubber.
As you may know our fumed silica is our huge advantage, which can be alternative to Aerosil. Our FST-430 not only shows the excellent transparency, but also can show excellent mechanical properties.
•Good processing property;
•Easy to demould;
•Abe to meet the requirements of ROHS, REACH and FDA.

Product parameters
The products in the FST-80 series has the high grade of transparency, excellent physical properties & yellowing resistance and good processability, which is better than most of the fumed silicone rubber in the market.

The products in the FST-70 series have the higher transparency and namely outstanding mechanical properties combined with high productivity, which can be used to make ultra-high transparency LED light strips, medical grade tubes

FST-70 series for Molding
HGFD (3)

HGFD (4)

The above data are based on the following measurements
Addition of curing agent: 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di(tert-butylperoxy)hexane
Test piece vulcanization condition: 175℃×5min, post-curing condition: 200℃×4h.

The following related materials are available, please feel free to contact us.
● Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)for Fumed Silicone Rubber
● FDA Test for Silicone Rubber
● RoHS and Other Restricted Substances Test for Silicone Rubber
● Substances of Very High Concern Test(SVHC)for Silicone Rubber
● High-performance Fumed Rubber(TDS)

Packing & Delivery
1. 20KG/Carton
2. 1000KG/Pallet
3. 18tons for FCL 20’GP

Pictures for your reference

HGFD (1) HGFD (2)

Our Service
1.Pre-sale: Our technical team will according to customer need to recommend the most suitable product for customer.
2.Technology R & D: If customer products are special, we can develop new products for our customers.
3.Quality Control: At the time of production, our company’s quality inspection team will take several samples to conduct the whole process of quality inspection, and the production workers will strictly follow the requirements to produce.
4.After-sale: Our sales team will follow up to the customer’s use of the product.If there are any problems, our technical team will try our best to provide solutions.
5.OEM support: Strong technical team support, our company has core technology for R&D, which can be carried out for customers OEM.

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