FST Fumed Silica Thixotropic Powder

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High purity: FST fumed silica is manufactured using highly purified raw materials under strict process controls.

High dispersion: FST fumed silica microparticles are manufactured through a vapor release reaction and form loose agglomerates. By dispersing moderately, it is possible to disperse particles smaller than the wavelength range of visible light.

High specific surface area: The specific surface area for fumed silica is generally about 50-500m2/g, with primary particles 5-50nm in diameter. Because it is produced at a high temperature in a gas phase, it is an amorphous silica with no internal surface area.

Surface chemistry: FST fumed silica is available in various hydrophilic grades and hydrophobic grades produced from hydrophilic silica through hydrophobic surface treatment. According to the application objectives of the powder, FST can be dispersed in various dispersion media, including liquid and powder.
Thickening and thixotropy: provides thickening and thixotropic effects in liquid systems such as polyesters, epoxies, and urethane resins
Reinforcement:improves various mechanical properties of elastomers, including modulus, elongation at break, tensile strengthen and tear resistance.
Anti-settling effects: improves the suspension behavior in liquid systems, such as pigmented coatings or resins containing fillers
Anti-caking, effects for improved flow characteristics: It can be used to improve the storage stability of powders that are especially prone to caking. It can also be used to improve flow characteristics and prevent flow problems.
Anti-blocking effects:It is added to film resins to reduce “sticking”.It reduces close contact between film layers
Adsorbent: It serves as an ideal carrier or substrate for active ingredients due to its high specific surface area and inertness in the presence of all chemicals except strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid
Insulation:With its very low solid state conductivity and vast spacing between particles, it provides excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties
Electrical charge:It is used as a toner additive to stabilize electrical charge characteristics.



Packing & Delivery
10kg/Bag ; White kraft paper bag,
For 20 GP it can loading 2200kg products with 10 pallets, 22bags/pallet ;
For 40 GP it can loading 4400kg products with 20 pallets, 22bags /pallet ;
For 40 HQ it can loading 4800kg products with 20 pallets, 24bags/pallet

1. Compared with other manufacturers, What’s the advantages you have?
Quality Stabilization: We got the certificate of manufacture in Zhejiang with the standard T/ZZB 1420-2019, which represents the highest quality standard in China.
Largest Manufacturer: Our annual output of hydrophilic product is 8,000 tons.
Leading Authority: We have already been the influential enterprise in silicon industry in China.

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