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Fushite Green Cycles Develop Of Chemicals

ZheJiang Fushite group is a professional manufacturer of silicon-based materials in Quzhou, China. After 30 years of development, our company has awarded high reputation for being a quality focused silicon material manufacturer in the industry. Fushite group is located in Quzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Park, we have 3 major manufacture plants, with annual production of 10000 tons fumed silica, 20000 tons silicone rubber, and 20000 tons silicone oil.

Mission & Vision

The combination of innovative prowess and circular development is a critical success factor for Fushite to be leader in several industries.


We are committed to adhering to the concept of Green Cycle leading new trends in technological innovation, achieving a new height in scientific development.

Fushite initiated the production of Fumed Silica during 2000s, which is the base material for the silicone industry, as the pioneer in China. Since its establishment, Fushite’s Fumed Silica business has achieved continuous growth through customer satisfaction.
Currently Fushite is capable of producing 10,000 MT/year of Fumed Silica, positioning Fushite as one of the world’s Top 5 Fumed Silica manufacturers.
FST, our brand name of fumed silica, is a fluffy, white and amorphous powder. It is also characterized by its sub-micron particle size, spherical morphology, high specific surface area, high purity and unique surface chemistry.

These properties allow FST to be used in various industrial applications.
Each particle varies in size from 7 to 40 nm in diameter, and ranges from 100 to 400 m2/g in specific surface area with BET.
The particle size of fumed silica can be altered by manipulating the reaction conditions during manufacturing in the flame.


Thickening And Thixotropy

Provides thickening and thixotropic effects in liquid systems such as polyesters, epoxies, and urethane resins

Anti-settling Effects

Improves the suspension behavior in liquid systems, such as pigmented coatings or resins containing fillers.

Anti-blocking Effects

It is added to film resins to reduce “sticking”.It reduces close contact between film layers


Improves various mechanical properties of elastomers, including modulus, elongation at break, tensile strengthen and tear resistance.

Electrical Charge

It is used as a toner additive to stabilize electrical charge characteristics.


It serves as an ideal carrier or substrate for active ingredients due to its high specific surface area and inertness in the presence of all chemicals except strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid


With its very low solid state conductivity and vast spacing between particles, it provides excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties

Anti-caking Effects

For improved flow characteristics: It can be used to improve the storage stability of powders that are especially prone to caking. It can also be used to improve flow characteristics and prevent flow problems.

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