Coatings And Paints

FST fumed silica can be used to modify the system thixotropy, regulate viscosity, promotes free flow, prevent caking and modify electrostatic effects. It’s also used to control gloss in some coatings, such as urethane satin finishes.

Sealants and Adhesives

In sealants and adhesives, fumed silica plays a major role in rheological control and viscosity strength.
When fumed silica is added and dispersed in adhesives and sealants, silica aggregates network is formed, thus flowing property of the matrix isrestricted and viscosity increased, thickening property promoted; but, when shearing is applied, hydrogen bonds and silica network breaks, viscosity of the matrix decreases, this allows adhesives and sealants to be applied smoothly; when shearing is removed, network restored and the viscosity of the matrix increases, this prevents adhesives and sealants from sagging during curing process.

Printing Inks

In thermal printing ink, hydrophilic fumed silica speeds up the drying pace, it helps avoiding smudged and blurred products caused by wet ink.
In normal printing ink, hydrophobic fumed silica limits ink to adsorb water and removes foam, the color intensity improved while ink surface still shines. In gravure printing, flexography printing and silk printing, fumed silica works as anti-settling agent, and it can control the ink volume while printer is working for clean and clear printing results.

PVC based Plastics

Fumed silica provides rheology control, prevents sticking, and improves dielectric properties. In vinyl printed fabrics it modifies properties of vinyl so it does not penetrate into the cloth, but stays on the surface.

Rubbers and rubber compounds

Silicone rubber is ageing-resistant, high and low temperature resistant and electricity-insulated. However, the molecular chain of silicone rubber is soft, the interaction force between molecula chains is weak, so silicone rubber needs to be reinforced before actual usage.

Cable Gels
Fumed Silica is used as thickener and thixotropic agent in production of insulation materials for copper and fiber-optic cables.

Polyester Resins and Gel Coats
Fumed silica is extensively used in polyester resins for production of boats, tubs, truck tops, and other applications employing laminated layers. In laminating resins, its products function as a thickener, preventing resin drainage during cure. In gel coats, the thickening effect prevents sag, enhancing the film thickness and appearance. In putties and repair compounds, it controls thickening, flow and thixotropy to achieve necessary results.

Fumed silica provides excellent thickening effect in mineral and synthetic oils, silicon oils and blends.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Fumed silica is with small particle size, large surface area, porous structure and special physical and chemical properties, these speciality gives fumed silica good adsorption ability and high bio-chem stability.

In cosmetics, it also used as rheological agent and anti-caking aid. Applications include tablets, creams, powders, gels, ointments, toothpastes and nail polish. Orisil prevents phase separation in emulsion systems.

Other Applications

Batteries - used in lead acid battery.

Thermal Insulation

Due to the special manufacturing process and the three-dimensional structure, fumed silica enjoys the property of small primary particle size, large specific surface area, high porosity and thermal stability, giving thermal insulation material extremely low heat conductivity.


When applied in food powder, fumed silica is used as anti-caking agent and free flow aid. Due to change in temperature, humidity and pressure during storage and transport period, powder is easy to cake, which has bad effect on quality and shelf life of end product.

Unsaturated Polyester Resins(UPR)

In UPR products, fume silica gives high transparency and good physical properties even at a low concentration. This improves quality of its down-stream product.


Fertilizer is easy to cake during manufacture, storage and transportation period due to change in temperature, humidity and pressure. Problems caused by caked fertilizers will lead to fluctuation in product quality. Fumed silica allows the flowing properties of fertilizers to be configured perfectly, the good adsorption ability and great hygroscopic ability of fumed silica improve its anti-caking property.

Animal Feed

Fumed silica, as flow addition reagent, is added into premixing feeds of compound minerals, vitamin premix and other powder additives in animal feed to promote flowing property. Fumed silica can significantly decrease caking trends to allow animal feed in good flowing condition, increasing manufacturing efficiency and product quality.